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Crazy Dice Drinking Game

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The Crazy Dice drinking game is a simple drinking game involving two dice and 2-10 players. All you gotta do for this game is roll the dice and do the appropriate actions. This game can either be pretty tame of very frustrating depending on how good your rolls are. It’s possible to get stuck rolling for a long time and having a lot of drinks in the mean time.


Two dice and some drinks of choice. This game works best around a table.


Basically what happens is players take turns rolling the two dice and doing the actions required. If they get doubles they drink and then have to reroll. But if players reroll 3 times on the same turn they get stuck in Jail and must keep rolling until they get doubles to get out.

Crazy Dice Drinking Game Rules

Players take turns rolling the dice in a clockwise order. Depending what the total of the two dice is, is what you have to do.

  • 3: Everyone Cheers and take a sip
  • 5: You and the player to your left take a sip
  • 7: Take two sips and roll again
  • 9: You and the player to your right take a sip
  • 11: Finish your drink

Doubles: If you get any double, you drink equal to what one of the dice are and then roll again. For example if you roll 6-6 you must drink 6 times and then roll again.

If ever any player gets 3 re-rolls in the same turn they are put in Jail. This means they must keep rolling until they get doubles to get out. (They still do the required actions during each of these rolls).


The Crazy Dice drinking game is pretty easy to set up and follow. Be careful though because it can lead to a lot of drinking for one or two unlucky souls so please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.