Cops and Robbers

The Cops and Robbers drinking game - the chuggernauts

The Cops and Robbers drinking game is a simple card game where one player winds up as the cop, another a robber, and the rest are just civilians. The robber tries to wink at another player discreetly as the cop now tries to guess who the robber was. Incorrect guesses cause the cop to drink and correct guesses cause the robber to drink.

What You’ll Need

At least one playing card per player, that includes a single King and a single Ace. The cards can be any number you want but the higher the number the more drinking is involved so choose carefully. Players should sit in a circle for this game with nothing obstructing the view of each other.

Cops and Robbers Rules

  • Everyone is dealt a card which they look at secretly. Whoever got the King is the cop. Whoever got the Ace is the robber.
  • Now the robber has to wink at someone without the cop noticing. Once that happens whoever was winked at must say “The deal has been made.”
  • The cop then picks who they think the robber was. If they are incorrect they drink equal to whatever the card was of the person they accused. Then they guess again.
  • If they were correct the Robber drinks for 10 seconds.
  • If the robber tried to wink at the cop, the robber loses and drinks for 10 seconds.
  • If the cop manages to pick everyone wrong, leaving only the robber, the person they winked at, and themselves then the robber wins. The cop must finish their drink and the game is done.


The cops and robbers drinking game is great because as the night goes on it’ll get harder and harder to hold a steady poker face. This game can also lead to a lot of drinking on the cops part so consider using lower numbered cards (1-5) for everyone who is not the cop or robber. Please drink responsibly.