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Clock Drinking Game

The Chuggernauts

This drinking game is one we made ourselves. The idea is for every player to secretly select a number from 1-60 then players must chug whenever their number shows up on the clock. It’s pretty easy to play and works best with 6-10 people.

What You’ll Need

A piece of paper, pencils, a case of beer (generally 1 beer per player). Also you’ll need a good view of a clock or at least a timer where you can see the seconds.

Setting It Up

To set this game up first everyone is handed a scrap of paper and take turns writing down any number from 1-60. Then everyone compare their numbers and memorize them because that’s the second on the minute that players will need to chug.

If any two players have the same number they play rock paper scissors. Winner gets to keep the number and gets to pick a new number for the loser.

Clock Drinking Game Rules

In this game players pass around a beer and chug it. Whenever a players number comes up as the second hand on the clock they start chugging. They cannot stop chugging until another players number comes up and then they pass the beer to them.

This continues until all the beers are finished. On a players turn they must take at least one sip, even if their number is a single second before someone else’s.

For this game it’s best to keep all the drinks open and ready, that way players don’t waste valuable seconds opening the beers on their turns.


The clock drinking game is an easy way to down a few beers with very little rules. If players want to play more than one round make sure to shuffle up the numbers each round to mix things up.