Civil War Drinking Game

Civil War Drinking Game -
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This game is one of the more hectic out there. The Civil War drinking game is very similar to Beer Pong in a lot of ways. The major difference being it’s a race against the clock and players aren’t taking turns. This drinking game is played in two teams of 3. So 6 players total per game.

What You’ll Need

In order to play this game you’ll need a hefty amount of solo cups. Each player either needs 3 or 6 cups, depending how intense you want the game to be. Plus another 4 cups for water cups. In total 22 or 40 cups. 4 ping pong balls. Beers.

Setting it up

Before players set up the game they should decide if they want to play the 3 cup or 6 cup version. The more cups the more drinking.

Then players stand at opposite ends of a table (the long way). Each player should place 3 cups in front of them in a triangle. Much like in beer pong. Each player now pours 1 beer per 3 cups.

Fill 4 of the cups up with water, to help players clean the ping pong balls between shots.

How to Play Civil War

Each team starts with 2 ping pong balls. At the count of 3 the game begins. There is no turn order in this game so get shooting!

The goal is to eliminate players by sinking the ball in their cups. Whenever a ball is landed in a cup the player who’s cup it was must chug it. If a player runs out of cups they lose the game.

If a player ever gets two balls landed in the same cup at the same time, they immediately lose and have to chug all the cups.

Remember, there’s no turns. So if you don’t have a ball hurry up! Go get one!


The Civil War drinking game is one of the fastest paced games out there. It never gets old watching someone scramble to grab the ball that rolled under the couch while the opposing team sinks all of their cups.