Catch the Pig Drinking Game

Catch the pig is a drinking game focused on speed. So don’t wait your turn just roll as fast as you can! The game works best with groups of around 6 people but can work with more or less.

What You’ll Need

Two dice and some drinks for every player.

The Goal

The purpose of this game is to roll the pig (the die) and get a 1 to pass it. Hopefully getting both pigs to the same person and “catching the pig” causing whoever has both dice to neck a beer and lose the game.

Catch the Pig Drinking Game Rules

First things first. Pass one die to two separate players who are across the table from each other. Once everyone is ready, in unison, all players count down from 3 and then say “Catch the Pig!”.

Now the players with the dice roll as quick as they can until they get a 1. All other numbers do nothing. But once a player rolls a 1 they can pass the die to the player on the right.

The goal of the game is to “catch” the other “pig”. If ever any player ends up with both dice by having one passed to them while they are trying to roll a 1 with the other die they lose. They must chug their entire drink for losing.

From there they are eliminated from the game and a new round plays out with the remaining players. This goes on until only 1 player remains.


The Catch the Pig drinking game is very similar to the dice game Chase the Ace, minus the extra drinks given out. It should result in every player minus the winner chugging 1 beer so it’s not too intense. Either way you should keep an eye on your intoxication levels and please drink responsibly. Over consumption of alcohol can be a very serious problem.