Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game -

Our Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game adds a bit of extra drunken shenanigans to this already hilarious card game. The idea of cards against humanity is each player is dealt some white cards with random words or phrases on them and they have to try and use them to fill in the blanks of the black cards. Players try to make the most hilarious combinations to try and get the judge to pick their card.

What You’ll Need

For this drinking game what you’ll need at least the card game Cards Against Humanity. With or without one or more of the many expansions. Then just each player should grab a few drinks.

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This drinking game carries out like a normal game except with a few added drinking rules.

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game Rules

  • If a player gets their card picked they get to give out drinks equal to the number of black cards they’ve gotten in total. They can divide these our however they choose.
  • At any point a player can take a drink to swap out one of their white cards with another one. This works to get rid of any cards that you don’t understand or find any comedic value in.
  • If a player wants they can take a drink to put one additional white card down. This can only be done once per turn per player.
  • If any player loses the game without having won any cards they must finish their drink.

This Cards Against Humanity drinking game takes the fun and doubles it with a few drinks. It’s a fair amount of drinking especially if you plan on taking full advantage of the rules that will help you lay a few more cards down. Just like any game players should make sure to drink responsibly and take breaks if necessary.