Candyman’s Wharf

This game is a user submission from u/upennquaker. It’s a simple card game that’s easy to play over video chat or in person. Works with any number of players but we’d suggest around 3-5.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game each player will need their own deck of cards. Then some drinks.

How To Play Candyman’s Wharf

Each round you hold up a random card to the camera and people with matching cards drink the amounts shown below:

  • – Same suit = 1 second
  • – Same number = 3 seconds
  • – Same exact card = 10 seconds

With multiple matches you drink the cumulative amount of seconds so if the cards showing are 4H, 4D, 9H, 2S the person with the 4 of hearts drinks 4 seconds, 4 of diamonds 3 seconds, 9 of hearts 1 second, and 2 of spades doesn’t drink.

This game goes on until each player has run out of their deck of cards (or doesn’t want to play anymore.)