How To Play The Wonderfully Canadian Caesar Pong

Finally a drinking game that makes use of the classic Canadian cocktail the Clamato Caesar. For those that have never had one before they are similar to a Bloody Mary but with more Clam. On paper they sound disgusting but don’t knock it until you try it.

Caesar Pong is much like regular beer pong except it uses Caesars instead of beer in cups that have the Caesar rimmer on the edges. And instead of ping pong balls players toss small hot peppers.

What You’ll Need

  • Mott’s Clamato Caesars
  • Mott’s Caesar Rimmer
  • SmallĀ pepperoncinis (for throwing)
  • Plastic Cups

Setting It Up

First thing you’ll need to do is apply the rimmer to each of the plastic cups. Grab 12 plastic cups and wet the rims, then place the rimmer on a plate and dip the cups into the plate of rimmer.

Now set up 6 cups on each side of a long table in a triangle shape (3, 2 and 1). Place some Caesars into each cup, about 1 can of Caesar per 3 cups.

Fill a couple extra cups with water to wash the pepperoncinis in if they hit the floor

Make sure each side has enough pepperoncinis to throw, then each team of two stands together at each end of the table.

How To Play

The object of the game is much like regular beer pong. Attempt to throw the pepperoncinis into the opponents cups across the table before they can do the same.

Each round each teammate gets 1 throw. Any cups that were sank must be drank by the opposing team. If both teammates manage to get their pepperoncini in the same cup then after that cup is drank they both get to shoot again.

Play goes back and forth until one team has run out of cups and are the losers.

Caesar pong is a great alternative for anyone who loves the clammy goodness of the classic Canadian beverage. If you have any other wacky drinking game ideas feel free to contact us and maybe your game will be featured on our massive catalog of drinking games!