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Buffalo Drinking Game

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This game is more of an all around party rule than an actual game. The Buffalo drinking game is simple; Just drink with your non dominant hand. Some people have even been known to play this game for years on end always drinking with their non dominant hand to not get caught.

The Backstory

The reason this game is named what it is apparently originates to the wild west. Where when drinking at a pub a lot of patrons would make sure to be drinking with their non dominant hand so that if a buffalo comes storming in they can quickly grab their pistol with their dominant hand without having to put their drinks down.

Buffalo Drinking Game Rules

Everyone who’s playing the game must only hold their drink with their non dominant hand.

If anyone sees someone drinking with their dominant hand they can point at them and yell “Buffalo!”. The player who was drinking with the wrong hand must now pound back the rest of their drink and start a fresh one.

However, if someone yells buffalo at someone and that person was holding an unopened drink or an empty drink, then the caller is the one that has to neck their drink. So if you wanted to you could walk around with a closed can of beer in your dominant hand to psyche people out and make them finish their drinks.


In the event of someone being ambidextrous, someone has to assign them which hand they are allowed to drink with.

If someone incorrectly calls buffalo, they must finish the rest of their drink themselves.


The Buffalo Drinking Game is best played at larger parties, as long as everyone knows that they’re playing. It can prove a little tricky at times because not everyone is familiar with everyone else’s dominant hands and those lefties can be sneaky. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one, there’s no shame in bowing out of a drinking game.