Bomberman Drinking Game

The Bomberman Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This Bomberman drinking game is designed to work with any of the “standard” bomberman games such as Super Bomberman, Bomberman R etc… Basically any of the top down classic ones where the goal is to drop bombs on a grid and outsmart your opponents.

What You’ll Need

A bomberman game for any system and some drinks for every player. We suggest using Bomberman R because it has support for tons of players.

Bomberman Drinking Game Rules

Queue up a first-to-3 style match where games continue to repeat until one player has won 3 times.

Whenever a player wins a game they get to give out drinks equal to the total number of wins all players have put together. They can divide these drinks out however they want or give them all to one player if they’re feeling spiteful.

Bonus Drinks

(These aren’t necessarily applicable in all Bomberman games)

  1. First player to die in a game takes a sip.
  2. If you come back to life by killing someone from outside the zone then whoever you killed needs to drink three times.
  3. If you die by your own bomb (even if it was kicked at you) you must drink three times.
  4. If you lose the best of 3 without getting a single win you have to finish your drink for being terrible at the game.

Our bomberman drinking game is fairly light so if you want to kick it up and raise the stakes then you can play a first to 5 or even 7. Although however you choose to play make sure to remember it’s only a game and please drink responsibly.