Boat Race Drinking Game

Beers, Beers, Beers.

The Boat Race Drinking Game (Beer On The Table Race) is pretty closely related to Flip Cup minus the actual flipping. It’s pretty well just a competition to see who’s better at chugging beers. The goal here is to see which team can finish their drinks first.

What You’ll Need

In order to have a proper boat race you’ll need a table big enough to fit all the players and one cup per player filled with their favorite beverage.

Set Up

First thing to do is separate into two equal teams. Often it’s Guys vs Girls or a team captain on each side is elected to draft a team. Once both teams are established players need to fill up a cup.

Teams should line up on opposite sides of a table, length-ways. So each player is facing an opponent on the other side. Then their cups are placed in front of them. I leader is chosen on each team to start off the game, and an Anchor is chosen to finish it at the end of the line.

Boat Race Drinking Game Rules

Once all teams are ready, a chant is done to kick off the game. Typically “Ole Ole Ole“. Once that’s done the starting player from each team cheers and then they begin chugging their cup. Once it’s done the cup needs to be placed upside down on the table to ensure it’s finished and then the next player on their team can go.

Whichever team finished all of their cups first are deemed the winners.


The Boat Race drinking game is basically just a beer chugging contest. It’s been a favorite at frats for generations for proving who’s got the strongest liver. Chugging games like this can often lead to an over consumption of alcohol so please drink responsibly and only try a game like this if you’re sure you can handle it.