Blitzed Bingo Drinking Game

Blitzed Bingo

The Bingo Drinking Game takes a simple game of bingo and adds a bunch of drinking. Basically it players put a bunch of markers on their sheets and hope not to get a bingo or risk drinking. The game is very easy to play and entirely luck based, so it results in some hilarious situations.

What You’ll Need

A bingo set. (If you don’t have one of these you can always print out bingo sheets online and then find a bingo ball randomizer to draw the numbers) and some drinks. Plus some kind of hard alcohol for the odd shot glass.

Setting It Up

Before the game starts players have to make a mark on 5 spaces on their board. If these spaces get called out, the player drinks. Then players mark out one shot space on their sheet.

So the final sheets should have 5 marks for sips, and 1 mark for a shot.

Blitzed Bingo Drinking Game Rules

Once someone starts calling numbers players have to hope their numbers aren’t called. I know this is counter intuitive to how most people play bingo but this is how the game works.

As normal players mark or dab whenever their number is called.

  • If one of their “sip” spaces are called, they take a sip.
  • If the “shot” space is called, they must take a shot of a hard alcohol of the groups choosing.
  • If anyone gets a line they must yell “Bingo!” in despair. The game is done and that player has to drink for every remaining sip spot and “shot” spot on their sheet. If there caused no extra drinking (they already had all those spots called), the player must take an additional shot.


Feel free to play as many rounds as you want. But be warned the Blitzed Bingo drinking game can be a lot of drinking if lady luck isn’t on your side. Please make sure not to overdo it and drink responsibly.