Black or Red Card Game

Card Game

The Black or Red drinking game (sometimes known as the Red or Black drinking game) is probably the simplest drinking game that will ever exist. If you’re looking to just flip some cards and drink accordingly without all the strategic decisions that come with some more complex games than this game should be a perfect fit.


All that’s needed is a deck of cards and some drinks. Simple enough.

Set up

Shuffle the deck and pass it to a player who shall be the dealer for this game.


Flip cards, take drinks. That’s about it. Players try to guess the color of the next card to be flipped, and if they’re wrong they drink for it. If you’re looking for added complexity try adding in some of our optional rules.

Black or Red rules

The dealer gets to choose who starts the game. That player must guess “Black” or “Red”. If they are correct nothing happens and the dealer picks someone else to ask. If they are incorrect they must guess again until they are correct. When the deck is passed the player who just finished guessing must drink equal to the number of incorrect guesses they had.

For example, If Jimmy guessed wrong 4 times before getting it correct he must drink 4 times.

This game continues until the deck runs out. Then the deck is shuffled and the dealer chooses a new dealer. This game can be played for as long as players want if they continue to reshuffle the deck.


Optional Red or Black Rules

If players are looking to make this game a little more complicated they can add in a few extra rules to spice things up.

Colored Jokers: Many decks come with 2 jokers, one that’s red and one that’s black. If those are present they act as “finish your drink” cards only if the guesser is incorrect. So if someone guesses “black” when the red joker comes up they must finish their drinks.

Regular Jokers: If the deck only contains regular jokers they act as additional sips regardless of the guesser’s guess.

Credits Cards: Credits cards are any of the cards in a deck that are not numbers, face cards, or jokers. Such as cards like “How to play poker” or “Bicycle brand logo”. If one of these cards are drawn then the dealer must select a new guesser to continue guessing. This means when the new guesser fails they must drink for all of their mistakes plus the previous player they took over for.

Redraw: In this variant each dealer gets 1 redraw. That means after they hear the guessers guess they can redraw the card to try and get one that makes them incorrect. They can only do this once per guesser.



If you’re looking for simplicity and a quick way to down a few beers we suggest playing the black or red drinking game with the traditional rules. If you’re looking to spice things up and add a bit of excitement we suggest adding all the optional red or black rules that the deck allows for.