Get Drunk and Confused with the Bandersnatch Drinking Game

It’s time to get drunk and confused all at the same time with our great Black Mirror: Bandersnatch drinking game! I tried to keep this game as spoiler free as possible so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.

This movie (If it is considered a movie?) takes the usual confusion and creepiness that Black Mirror is known for and multiplies it. It’s a lot like those old choose-your-own-adventure type stories where you make decisions every once in a while that changes the path of the story. And since there’s multiple ending and possibilities it makes for a drinking game with a ton of replay value to try out some other story options.

How Do You Play This Game?

This one is a little different than our traditional movie drinking games. Every time a new scene starts the controller is passed to the next person playing the game, and whenever any of the drinking rules come up whoever holds the controller drinks! Once someone picks one of the options they pass on the controller to the next person. Plus at the start of the game everyone picks one of the main characters and if that character dies during the course of the game they must finish what’s left of their drink.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Drinking Game Rules

First things first. Everyone pick one main character. If that character dies throughout the course of the game whoever picked that person finishes their drink.

The characters are…

  • Stefan
  • Petetr(Stefan’s dad)
  • Colin (The game programmer)
  • Mohun (The company owner)
  • Dr. Hayes (The psychiatrist)

Take a sip during your turn if…

  • Any mentions making decisions or parallel universes
  • Someone says “Stefan”
  • Stefan pops some pills
  • A song begins to play because from one of the tape/records that were picked
  • You incorrectly guess a password, phone number, or code of some kind.
  • The title of a game or book is mentioned
  • Your decision causes the next person to play a scene that has already been played
  • You notice one of the glyphs (if there’s too many to count just take a big gulp)


Our Black Mirror: Bandersnatch drinking game is all in good fun but always make sure to keep it a game. Drinking to excess can come with some serious health risks so take a break if and pass the controller if you think you need to. If you enjoy this game we also have a drinking game for the main series that’s worth a look.