Between the Sheets Drinking Game

Shady Ace Dude

This game involves players guessing whether or not a card will fall between two other cards shown. The between the sheets drinking game is pretty fast paced and easy to play , although it might take a round or two to get the swing of things. It plays out much like Poker except with betting drinks instead of cash. The game works with anywhere from 2-8 players, any more than that and it might take too long waiting for your turn.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards with the jokers removed and some drinks.

Between the Sheets Drinking Game Rules

First a dealer is chosen. They shuffle the deck and deal each player 2 cards in front of them, face down. Make sure to leave enough space between the two cards for a third card that will be played later. Ace is high.

The goal of this game is to guess if your third card will be between the other two you were dealt. Players make bets and either drink if they were wrong or give out drinks if they were right.

Then the dealer flips 1 of the 2 cards for each player for the first round. After this in a clockwise order players decide if they want to drop out by taking a sip, or continue by betting sips. The max bet here is 3 sips.

Then the dealer flips the remaining card for all the players who didn’t drop out. Those players can now either drop out by drink equal to what they bet, or increase the bet by another max of 3 sips. (which makes 6 total between the two rounds).

Then finally the dealer flips an extra card between the cards of all remaining players. If it was outside their cards then they drink their total bet. If it was in between however they get to give out sips equal to their bet divided as they choose. So if their total bet was 5 they would either be taking or giving out 5 sips. (we suggest giving out those drinks to the weaklings who dropped out during the first round.)

After each round of the In Between drinking game feel free to swap out dealers so that everyone gets a chance to do some drinking.