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Best Drinking Game Songs – An Easy Way to Drink to Your Favorite Songs

There’s nothing easier than simply tuning into a song and drinking whenever a particular word or phrase is used. So we came up with a list of our best drinking game songs to make things a little easier. We took some common ones as well as some we personally found to be entertaining. If you can think of any you would add to the list please let us know!


Best Drinking Game Songs

#1 Thunderstruck by ACDC

Take a drink every time they say the word “Thunder” in this iconic rock song. By our count that’s 33 drinks so get those beers ready!

#2 Roxanne by The Police

You guessed it. Drink every time they say Roxanne during this song. It’s mostly during the chorus. If players want to kick it up a notch they can also drink every time “Red Light” is uttered.

#3 Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Drink for every time MJ says “One” or “Son”. By our count this is about 22 times and they mostly happen very closely together so keep a close ear.

#4 No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley

Drink every time Bob says “No”. This happens over 30 times in the song and comes in heavy during the choruses.

#5 Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Drink Every time Bill says “She.” If players want to play the hard version try drinking every time he says “I Know”. You might be in for a nasty surprise during one particular verse.

#6 Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

Drink every time they say “You” (Or ya). This one is particularly heavy for those familiar with the song. So only take on this challenge if you’re ready for a tough one.

#7 Super Freak – Rick James

Drink every time Rick says “Freak”. This is pretty much the entirety of the song so bottoms up!

#8 All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

Drink every time “Love” is mentioned. This is also one of the heaviest ones on this list since the song is comprised of about 25% the word love.

#9 Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra

Drink every time Nancy says “Bang”. Make sure you grab the Nancy Sinatra song for this game, not the Ariana Grande one.

#10 Metallica (Any song of theirs where James Hetfield is singing)

Drink every time James Hetfield Grunts or says “Yeah!”. Once you listen for it you’ll realize just how often this happens.



Any Song by Australian comedy folk-rock group “The Beards”

Drink every time they say beard. It really doesn’t matter which song you choose since they are all about beards.


We hope our list of the best drinking game songs had everything you needed. As always remember to take it easy and not go beyond your limits. Please Drink Responsibly.