Beer Blow

Card Game

Beer Blow is a very simple game that only requires a deck of cards and a glass. In this game players sit in a circle and take turns trying to blow the cards off the glass without blowing off the last card. It’s incredibly simple and great for people just looking to have some fun and down a drink or two without too many rules.



A tall glass full of beer and a deck of cards.

Set Up:

Fill a pint glass with beer and place every card on top of the deck as on top of it face down. As spread out as possible. Players should sit in a circle around the glass.

Beer Blow Rules:

The aim of this game is to blow cards off the top of the cup without blowing off the last one. Choose a player to start the game and he begins by blowing off at least one card from the top of the glass. Then play proceeds clockwise. There is one exception though. If a player blows an Ace off of the top and it lands face up then he must drink and take another turn. Whoever knocks the very last card off of the glass must drink the contents of the glass. The glass is then refilled and another round is played with the player who lost the last round going first.


Beer Blow is a great solution for anyone looking to have some drinks and just share some laughs. It’s tough to say how much drinking you’ll be doing over the course of the game since the only one who drinks is the loser of each round.


Please remember to drink responsibly. No game is worth risking your physical health.