Auction Drinking Game

The Auction drinking game (sometimes referred to as the auctioneer drinking game) is a great drinking game for groups of around 4-8 people. It plays out sort of like the popular drinking game Pyramid except players are aiming to “Sell” each other by playing cards on them before they can respond by playing the same card themselves.

What You’ll Need

At least 1 deck of cards (you can use more if you want) and some drinks.

Setting It Up the Auction Drinking Game

To set up the auctioneer drinking game someone needs to deal out 6 cards into a pyramid shape. 3 cards at the bottom row, two in the middle row and finally one last card on the top row. Each row corresponds to a drink multiplier; bottom row is 1 drink, middle row is 2 drinks, top row is 3 drinks.

Then 5 cards are dealt to each player

How to Play the Auctioneer Drinking Game

The game plays out as the dealer flips the cards in the pyramid. Starting with the bottom row and then moving up when a row is finished.

As cards are flipped anytime the flipped card matches the suit OR value of a card in the hand they can play it.

For example let’s say the dealer flipped a 7 from the pyramid. From there the dealer says “We have a 7, going once… going twice…. ” and if another player can play that card that matches the value they can play it and assign someone else to drink. Then the dealer restarts by saying “Drinks going to player 1, going once… going twice.. sold!”. Player one now has to drink for a number of seconds equal to how many cards total have been played in the game multiplied by the row number. So if it was on the second row and there’s been 5 cards played then it would be 10 seconds (2 x 5).

Players can interrupt the auctioneer at any time by playing a card of the correct value and then assigning a new player to drink.


The Auction Drinking game is a great way to enjoy some beers once you get the hang of it.