Asshole Drinking Game


The Asshole Drinking Game (or the bumhole drinking game for you Mormons out there) is a card game in which players aim to get rid of all their cards first. The first to do so is the President and gets an advantage in the next round, the one who does it last is the Asshole and will have a disadvantage for the next game. The game itself can be a little tricky to comprehend at first but once you get the basics down it’ll run smoothly. The game supports any number of players but I find 4-8 players works best.

What You’ll Need

Some drinks and a full deck of cards.

Asshole Drinking Game Rules

Cards are valued from lowest to highest as follows; 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A,2 and 3. With 2 and 3 being special cards. Plus you should know that pairs are worth more than single cards, triples are worth more than pairs, and quadruples are worth more than triples.

President And Asshole

Whoever won the last game is the president, whoever lost is the asshole. If this is your first round then this rule won’t come into effect yet. The President must give their two worst cards to the Asshole. The Asshole must in turn give their two best cards to the President. The Asshole is also in charge of shuffling and dealing.

Dealing out the cards

At the start of each game the Asshole shuffles all the cards and then deals them all out as evenly as possible to each player.

Playing a Round

Play starts with the whoever is holding the 4 of spades. They start by playing that card (plus any more 4s they have if they want to). Then the next player clockwise has to either play something with a higher value or “pass”.

If rounds continue until everyone passes in a row or someone plays a 2. Once that happens whoever last played a card gets to start the next round with whatever card(s) they want.

Special Cards

  • 2s: All two act as “clear cards”. This means playing one automatically ends a round and the player who played it gets to start the next round.
  • 3s: These are wild cards. They can be used to act as any other card in the game.
  • 4 of Spades: Whoever holds this card gets to start off the round.

Ending the Game

The game ends when only 1 player has cards left. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the President for the next round, and the one who ended up last is the Asshole.

Drinking Rules

At the end of each round the Asshole must finish their drink. In addition the President can come up with a “Drinking Rule”. This means they get to make any rule they want and any time it’s broken whoever broke it needs to take a sip.


The Assholes drinking game is a great game simply for the fact that it’s actually pretty fun even if there was no drinking involved. There’s enough strategy to keep it interesting.