Seinfeld Drinking Game

Seinfeld Drinking Game -

Our Seinfeld drinking game has players drinking to the classic TV show about nothing. This show follows Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer during their day-to-day lives in New York. This sitcom has had a huge amount of success through the years for it’s iconic sense of humor. It holds a number of records including “Most money refused” when the shows creators refused to continue the show even when offered 5 million dollars per episode.

The cast of this show makes for a great drinking game. There’s certain things you can count on happening almost every episode like Kramer stumbling into the apartment or George’s self-depreciating attitude.



Any episode of Seinfeld and drinks


Players will be drinking for many of the recurring gags and situations in the show. Also during the episode if anyone can name the actor who’s making a guest appearance everyone else must drink.


Seinfeld Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • Kramer bursts into Jerry’s apartment
    • Drink twice if he falls over
  • George talks poorly about himself
    • Drink twice if he’s talking poorly about his unemployment or current relationship situation
  • The iconicĀ Seinfeld jingle is played
  • Elaine says “Get out!”
    • Drink twice if she pushes someone right after
  • Kramer goes into Jerry’s fridge
  • Jerry says “That’s a shame.”
  • Someone buzzes Jerry’s apartment
  • Elaine is seen with Puddy
  • Jerry’s stand-up is shown
  • Newman says “Hello… Jerry…”
    • Drink twice if Jerry says “Newman…”
  • Jerry talks about how he dislikes something about the girl he’s dating. Like “Man-hands”.

Bonus rule:

Every time you are able to name an actor that’s making a guest appearance on the show shout it out. Every other player must take a drink if you’re correct.


This Seinfeld drinking game is a great way to enjoy this classic 90s sitcom. Especially if you’re fairly knowledgeable about the many guest appearances in the show. So grab a few drinks prepare to enjoy one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made.