The Official Around The World Drinking Game Rules

This game also goes by a few other names including “Irish Poker”. The Around the World drinking game is one that takes place in a few phases so you’re going to want to read all the rules before starting the game. This game works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and drinks for each player.

Around the World Drinking Game Rules

This game takes place in two phases. One where players guess the properties of their next card and then a second phase where players give or take drinks based on which cards get flipped from the board.

A dealer is chosen to deal out all the cards for this game.

First Round

The dealer then asks each player if their first card will be red or black. Then deals them out a card. If they’re right they get to tell someone else to take a drink, otherwise they take a drink themselves.

The dealer now deals out a second card to each player and asks if it will be higher or lower than their first card. Correct guesses give our two sips, wrong guesses take two sips.

A third card is dealt out and players have to guess if it’s “in between” or “outside” of the numbers of their first two cards. If they’re right they give out 3 sips otherwise they take three sips.

The dealer deals out a final 4th card to each player and asks which suit it will be. If the guess is correct they give out 4 sips. If it’s wrong they take 4 sips.

Second Round

Now is where the real drinking comes in. The dealer should deal out 9 cards face down in the center of the table, two columns of 4 cards each and 1 more card on top. The left column is “give” and the right column is “take”. The first row is one sip, the second is 2 sips, the third is 3 sips and the fourth is 4 sips.

The dealer now takes turns flipping over cards from the bottom row and moving up until all cards are flipped.

Whenever a card is flipped if anyone has a card matching that number in front of them they either give or take, depending which column it was in. Players can also give/take multiple times for the same card if they have multiple matching cards.

The final card that is alone on top is a “finish your drink” card for anyone who has a matching one.


The Around the World drinking game is a classic for many reasons. Mainly because it’s easy to play as long as you have 1 person who understands the game.