Arms Drinking Game for the Nintendo Switch

Arms Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

Arms is an early launch fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s pretty different than any other fighting game since it makes heavy use of the Joycons motion controls. With the amount of coordination this game requires it makes for the perfect drinking game.

Our Arms drinking game works on a simple principle. Get tipsy then swing it out. Choose your favorite game mode that involves actual fighting, “Fight”, “Team Fight”, “Party Match”, etc.. Make sure each player is using the motion controls for this. This might get messy so make sure you got a spill towel nearby.

Set Up

After choosing a game mode everyone playing needs a full closed beer before the game match starts. Everyone can choose their characters and load-outs, but make sure everyone is ready for when the game actually begins. To make things a little easier it’ll help if players have their wrist straps on for their Joycon controllers.

Arms Drinking Game Rules

As soon as the game starts everyone must grab/open their closed drink. They cannot put this drink down until it’s finished. That means they are handicapped by forfeiting one of their controllers to drink.

Both of the controllers are very necessary for controlling your character so you need to choose wisely which hand you’ll be drinking with. You’re free to use the other controller in the mean time or even switch the drink to the other hand and free up the other hand for the Joycon.

This opens up a couple of interesting strategies. You could chug back your beer as quick as possible to free up your hands for the game, or you could hold on to it, switching hands/controllers frequently to get things done.

Other Drinking Rules

  • If you get knocked out, drink equal to your position. 1st place = 1, 2nd place = 2, etc.
  • If you knock out your own team mate you need to drink double their position.
  • If you get hit with a flurry or special take a drink.
  • At the end of the game if you still haven’t finished your drink do that now.

Our Arms drinking game can get a little crazy so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you feel like you’ve had enough swap out and let someone else have a turn or everyone can agree to play with less than a full drink at the start of the game.