An Awesome RoboRally Drinking Game

As far as board games that are funner after a few beers go Robo Rally is one of the best. The game itself is fairly balanced as it is so our RoboRally drinking game just adds some drinking rules to raise the stakes and make you want to mess with your opponents more.

For those that haven’t played it this game was actually created by the great game creator Richard Garfield who’s mostly known for creating Magic The Gathering (which of course we also made a drinking game for). As the name implies this game is all about racing your robot to the finish before your opponents can do the same. It’s pretty simple yet requires some smart planning to maximize your chances so adding a few drinks to the mix makes things a whole lot more interesting.

What You’ll Need To Play

A copy of the game and some drinks. The 2016 remake works best but if you have an older version that works fine too.

Robo Rally Drinking Game Rules

  • First player to finish their programming every turn and flip the timer gets to tell any other player to take a drink.
  • If your robot gets bumped or shot you must take a drink.
  • If you didn’t put down cards fast enough drink for every space that you must randomly put a card on.
  • Take a drink for each cube you spend on upgrades.
  • If you’re forced to play any kind of virus card take a drink.
  • If you are forced to reboot then you need to finish your drink.

Optional Rule: Shot Mines!

  • At the start of the game before anyone takes the first turn each player gets to place one token on the board. (not the starting area). During the game if anyone lands on one of those spaces they must take a shot of hard alcohol and then the token is removed. These mines can’t be directly next to checkpoints.

End of the game drinks: Once somebody wins by collecting all the check points now it’s time for everyone else to drink. Everyone must take a drink for each checkpoint they didn’t collect. Plus whoever came in last place must down a full drink. If it’s a tie then it goes to whoever is farthest from their next checkpoint.


This RoboRally drinking game is a great way to enjoy this chaotic programming game. If you liked this you might want to check out our huge collection of board game drinking games.