1-2-Switch Drinking Game

1-2 Switch Drinking Game

Like many of Nintendo’s flagship games designed to show off the functionality of their new console, 1-2-Switch makes for the perfect drinking game. Since this game is a massive series super simple minigames which is perfect for drinking just make sure to not get too lost in the experience and drop your joycon. Our 1-2-switch drinking game has the loser of each match picking the next mini-game. This one goes until someone wins 5 games.

What You’ll Need

This flagship game for the Nintendo Switch and some drinks. The great thing about this game is it only requires 1 hand for the joycons so you got a free hand to put that drink in.

1-2-Switch Drinking Game Rules

To kick it off players must agree on which multiplayer mini-game to start with. I recommend Quick Draw since it’s a really easy and exciting one to start with.

The winner of the game gets a point, and the loser takes a drink.

The loser of each round gets to pick the next game. Keep playing more mini-games until someone gets 5 wins. They win the game.

There’s a couple games you can’t use for this drinking game because they’re single player. Those are Baby and Eating Contest.

Once someone wins, the opponent needs to take a drink for the difference in their scores. So for example if Steve wins with 5 points and Amy only has 2 wins, Amy needs to drink 3 times.

If a player gets a clean sweep and beats someone 5-0, the loser needs to finish their entire drink.

If you have more than 2 players you can set up an elimination style bracket. Play best of 3 sets, the loser is out. Then keep going until only 1 player remains.


Our 1-2-Switch drinking game is an awesome way to down enough beers that you no longer feel ridiculous pretending to air guitar or making weird dance poses. As with any drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly and take it easy if you feel like you’ve had enough.