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Top Youtube Drinking Game Videos in 2021

More of a visual learner? The Chuggernauts have decided to put some of our best drinking games videos online with quick and easy YouTube tutorials.

These YouTube drinking game videos range from card games like Captain Dickhead, to board games like Drinking Jenga and everything in between. Stay subscribed for more drinking games and let us know in the comments which games you’d like to see featured next. Plus there’s plenty of additional content like skits, game shows, competitions and more. Here’s some of our top drinking games going into 2021.

Across The River

Type of GameCard
Number of players2-6
RequirementsTable, Cards, Booze
Drunk FactorLight to Medium

Across The River is an easy card game for two players, where one player deals and the other tries to cross the river. It could be a little or a lot of drinking, depending on your luck. A great game if you have a DD that wants to stay sober and be the dealer.


Type of GameDice and Shots
RequirementsTable, Shot Glasses, Beer, Die
Drunk FactorMedium to Heavy

Sixes is a great drinking game for about 3-8 players. Good for a pre game, but could result in a lot of drinking so be careful. In this game players roll a die and drink according to the roll, hoping to fill an empty shot glass rather than drinking a full one. We suggest playing with beer instead of hard alcohol.

Drinking Jenga

Type Of GameBoard Game
Number of Player2-4
RequirementsJenga, Drinks, Marker
Drunk FactorLow (unless you suck)

Drunk Jenga turns a normal game of Jenga into a party. Just write fun rules and drinking rules on all the blocks, and whoever pulls them must follow those rules. This one works great because after every drink Jenga becomes much harder.

Captain Dickhead

Type of GameCard
Number of Players3-10
RequirementsCards, Drinks, Mug
Drunk FactorMedium to Heavy

Captain Dickhead is a party all in itself. Each card corresponds to a rule that usually results in one of the players drinking. Each King means the player who drew it fills the central mug and whoever draws the 4th king needs to drink it. The real excitement in this game comes from the Ace, whoever draws this gets to be Captain Dickhead and no long has to listen to anyone’s rules and can make people drink on command. They’re basically the God of the drinking game, that is until someone else draws an Ace and takes their thrown.


Type of GameDice
Requirements5 Dice, A Stupid Hat, Drinks
Drunk FactorMedium

This version of 3-man isn’t the one most people are familiar with, this is our own improved version. It uses 5 dice and is a great game for screwing over one player in particular. Players take turn rolling all the dice and either drinking or making the “3-man” drink, as the 3-man scrambles to give away his hat so someone else can do the lion’s share of the drinking.

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