The Ultimate WWE Drinking Game – For Any Event

The Ultimate WWE Drinking Game by

The goal of this WWE drinking game is to have some simple drinking rules that work during basically any WWE event. Plus there’s even a few drinking rules for the filler promos to keep your whistle whet between matches.

Whether you’re just sitting down for a Monday Night Raw or waiting for a prestigious Royal Rumble, this drinking game should pretty much work for anything.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re really going to need to play this game is a television set and a few beverages. Depending which event you go with could end up with more drinking than others so feel free to add or take-away rules you find unbalanced.

The Ultimate WWE Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • Anyone bounces off the turnbuckle
  • Someone’s entrance song starts to play
    • Drink twice if it’s interrupting someone
  • Someone breaks out of a pin
  • Blood is shed
  • Anyone is called out specifically by name
  • Someone takes a microphone out of someone’s hand
  • Any wrestler uses one of their catch phrases

Drink Three Times Whenever

  • Someone jumps off the corner
  • A teammate is tagged in
  • A title belt appears on screen (only do this the first time it’s seen)
  • Someone is attacked during a promo
  • Someone gets launched out of the ring
  • You can make out a vulgar crowd chant
  • Anyone lands their finishing move
  • Anyone brings out a weapon of any kind

Finish Your Drink Or Take A Shot Whenever

  • Someone goes through a table
  • Someone gets successfully pinned or knocked out

Given that some events might end up with a lot more drinking than others it’s important to remember: always drink responsibly. This WWE drinking game is a great way to add a bit of excitement to your next PPV. If you have any rule suggestions or other great drinking games we’d love to hear from you @