Word Association Drinking Game

This game is all about quick thinking. Which is easier said than done when there’s a few drinks in the mix. The basic idea of the Word Association drinking game is that someone chooses a word and point at another player, who then has to pick a word that associates with it and point at another player. The tricky part is you only have a max of 5 seconds to come up with something and you can’t repeat anything anyone else has said. It gets pretty tough pretty quick.

What You’ll Need

A good group of pals and some alcoholic beverages

Word Association Drinking Game Rules

Someone is chosen to start the game. Typically this goes to the drunkest in the room. They must pick any word they can think of then point at another player.

Whoever they pointed at gets 5 seconds tops to say a word that associates with the previous word then they point at someone else to do the same.

This continues until someone messes up by either taking too long, speaking out of turn, saying a word that has already been said that round, or failing a “challenge“. When someone messes up they drink and then are in charge of starting the next round.


If at any point someone can call a challenge on a word. This means they think the word doesn’t associate very well with the previous word. The person who was challenged gets 30 seconds to plead their case on why their association was valid. At the end of it players vote on if it was a good association or not. If it’s deemed invalid then the player who was challenged loses that round. If it’s deemed valid than the challenger loses the round.


The word association drinking game is one of those games that gets funner after each passing drink as players start to slur and lose their wits.