Official Wizard Staff Drinking Game Rules (Also Known As Wisest Wizards)

Rules by CA Peter

The Wizard’s Staff Drinking Game is less of a game and more of an all night drinking challenge. It’s best played at a cabin or somewhere that you don’t have to worry as much about spill damage because there will be a lot of it. Basically every time someone finishes a beer they tape it to their next one, creating a large staff of beers over time. For this game it’s essential to ensure everyone is drinking out of cans. Nothing else will really work for this (Trust me we’ve tried) .

There’s two ways to play this game. The simple way where you just drink and see who can get the biggest staff, or the advanced version that includes challenges and bosses that add a ton of drunken debauchery to the mix.



Canned beer and Duct Tape. Make sure you get ample amounts of duct tape because as the night goes on you’ll find it harder and harder to administer duct tape correctly. Personally I like to make sure to get some outlandish duct tape from the local dollar store.

Wizard Staff Drinking Game Rules:

Every time a player opens a new beer he must tape it to his previous empty beer can, thus creating a large staff of beers over time. Every completed beer on the staff represents 1 level gained. Players cannot remove their beers from the staff. At the end of the night the player with the largest staff and thus the highest level is deemed the wisest wizard. Toast to his glory since he is probably passed out and can’t do it himself.

Wisest Wizards


Now if you want you can also add in all these level challenges and bosses to make things even more exciting. In order to pass certain levels one must complete tasks to resume growing their staff. Plus there’s some bosses that need to be conquered before anyone can pass a certain level.


Level 1: Neophyte. No task required.

Level 2: Acolyte. To advance beyond this and onto level three one must complete a covenant. Pledge your loyalty to the Alliance of Magicians: Take a knee for a Dirty Girl Scout or equally delicious yet feminine drink.

Level 3: – Magician. No task required.

Level 4: Adept. An adept must sign the contract. Your powers have outgrown your own mortal body. You must seek higher power from unhallowed sources. Drink a Fireball and Cider.

Level 5: Sorcerer. No task required.

Level 6: Warlock. A warlock must conquer! Mephistopheles was right: having a boss sucks. You must kill the demon to whom your soul is bound to advance your powers to the final tier. This Tier is a Solo cup taped to the top of the staff, walked around the party for others to fill up with whatever drinks/mixers they want to. Kill the demon cup, then celebrate.


Unlike level challenges, everyone can band together to defeat bosses. And once they are defeated they are gone for good.

Level 3BAAL. A three headed demon stands defiantly in your path. Place 3 shot classes on the table. One with water, one with beer, one with any hard alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey, whatever). This boss is not defeated until all 3 shots are taken. Anyone at the table can participate or decide not to, but nobody gets to level 4 until he’s defeated.

Level 6ABADDON. This demon is shrouded by a swarm of locusts. Place a solo cup in the center of the table and fill it half way with any strong alcohol. The rest must be first with the VERY FIRST pop or juice that’s seen when opening the fridge (for best results get someone who doesn’t know what’s in the fridge to pick). Nobody may move to level 7 until this demon is defeated and the drink has been consumed.

Credit to most of these awesome rules and the sick scroll graphic goes to CA Peter.

Get creative with it; come up with your own Wizard’s Staff rules and add them on! If you think of anything you think needs to be on our official rule list like more boss ideas or level gaining challenges feel free to let us know.