Weeds Drinking Game

This drinking game is for the hit drama Weeds where a middle class mother enters the pot game and slowly spirals her life out of control. As Nancy slowly makes increasingly intense decisions and tries to balance her home and “work” life we decided to come up with the Weeds drinking game.

For this drinking game all you’ll have to do is follow our simple drinking rules and drink once every time they come up. Plus anyone playing will have to finish their whole drink whenever Nancy makes her next big move towards being a weed kingpin. This game works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

Any episode of the show Weeds and some drinks.

Weeds Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever…

  • Celia comments on her daughters weight
  • Anyone says “Nancy” or “Lacey”
  • Anyone takes a puff of weed
  • Shane gets in trouble with the school
  • Anyone takes a sip of an alcoholic drink
  • Andy mentions sex in any way
  • Nancy and Conrad share a look like they want to bang
  • Someone threatens Nancy or one of her crew
  • There’s a sex scene
  • Sanjay hits on Nancy or otherwise tries to impress her

Finish your drink whenever…

Nancy makes another step towards being a drug kingpin. User>Seller>Distributor>Grower>etc…


The Weeds drinking game can involve quite a bit of drinking depending which episode you end up watching. We suggest watching the first few seasons as this show tends to follow a downward slide from the 3rd season onward. Please remember to drink responsibly. If you want more fun drinking games about innocent suburban people slowly spiraling their life out of control in pursuit of power and wealth through dealing drugs we suggest checking out our Breaking Bad drinking game!