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Get the Conversation Going with Triggers

The Triggers card game delivers on one simple promise. It will get people talking. In this game players draw cards of sensitive topics and then guess what people voted at the end of it. You might end up learning a few things about your close friends and find out who has some seriously strong opinions.

Questions range from “Should pineapple be on pizza” to¬† “Is it Okay to punch a nazi?”. No matter the question you can be sure everyone at the table will have an opinion about it.

How To Play

Triggers is a social game where everyone must guess what everyone else thinks about certain issues. The question deck is full of sensitive topics for everyone to weigh in on.

To start everyone is dealt one “yes”, one “no” and one “privilege” card.

On a round one person is designated the reader. They draw one topic card and read it out loud. Everyone but the reader must then place one “yes” or “no” card face down in front of them. The reader then guesses if there’s more “yes” or “no” cards played. If correct the reader keeps the topic for a point, otherwise they get a privilege card as consolation.

Privilege cards can be used during the game to help gain the upper hand or simply add some levity to the game with things like “tell someone to give you a sincere compliment”.

Triggers Review

What surprised me most about this game is just how controversial every topic card was. Absolutely nothing is off the table. For those looking for a deeper experience and to learn some new viewpoints this game does a fantastic job.

Gameplay itself is pretty simple and easy to follow. For a lot of situations this game can be a bit too heavy, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys a good healthy argument then Triggers is a great choice.

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From pretty simple stuff like pineapple on pizza to more complex social issues like abortion or the welfare state, this game is certainly a fantastic conversation starter. If you and your friends aren’t shy about discussing sensitive topics than the Triggers card game is a great idea for your next game night.

The Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules!

Given the heavy nature of this game we though it best to include some of our own drinking rules.

  • Whenever the reader guesses, they drink for each individual “yes” or “no” that doesn’t match their guess.
  • Whenever someone earns a point they can assign someone else to drink
  • On their turn the reader can drink 3 times to draw a new topic card