Top Gun Drinking Game

Top Gun Drinking Game -

The Top Gun Drinking Game will have players drinking to the 1986 military drama Top Gun. This movie follows Tom Cruise’s character Maverick as he learns to cope over the death of his friend Goose in the air force.

This movie is a classic and makes for a perfect drinking game. It set in stone Tom Cruise’s position as the sexually questionable super star he is today. We recommend people find an actual copy of this movie and not the TV edit so they can get the full glory of the beach volley-ball scene.


A copy of Top Gun and drinks.


Players drink during any of the following events as well as anytime they see something they could consider homo-erotic. Which based on the viewers perception could be this entire movie. Players must also chug during the entire volley-ball montage.

Top Gun Drinking Games Rules:

Drink whenever:

  • Something vaguely homo-erotic happens. Like an oddly sexual bite or a line like “You can ride my tail any day!”.
  • You hear the words “Danger Zone”
  • There’s a high five
  • Someone puts on or takes off aviators
  • The name of one of the main characters is said. This includes
    • Goose
    • Maverick
    • Iceman
    • Viper
    • Merlin
    • Charlie
  • There’s sexual innuendo

Chug your drink during:

  • The entire volley-ball scene. Since the whole slow-mo shirtless volley-ball scene could fit into rule number one.

This drinking game is a pretty large amount of drinking especially since that volleyball scene lasts approximately 2 full minutes. And depending how people chose to view this film there’s a whole lot of lines that sure sound like two of the male characters have some real sexual tension. Plus i’m not sure if val kilmer’s extremely close talking is supposed to be intimidating but that’s not how it comes off on film.