Toma Todo Drinking Game

The Toma todo Drinking Game

For the uninitiated Toma Todo is a mexican childrens game where you spin a dreidel and either give or take tokens depending where it lands. The Toma Todo drinking game however involves either putting beer into a cup or chugging it back.

Listen, were not sure why someone decided to turn this childrens game and use it to get drunk but all we know is it works great.

What You’ll Need

A Toma Todo Dreidel. (if you don’t have one handy you can always just use a regular 6-sided die.)

A few drinks and an empty cup.

Toma Todo Drinking Game Rules

Players simply spin the dreidel and drink accordingly, then pass it to the next player.

Toma Uno: Take a sip from the cup
Toma Dos: Take two sips from the cup
Toma Todo: Drink the whole cup
Pon Uno:  Pour one sip into the cup
Pon Dos:  Pour two sips into the cup
Todos Ponen: Everyone pour one sip into the cup

There’s no ending to this game so just play until you’re good and tipsy.

If the cup is full, nobody can pour into it until someone drinks some out. If you don’t own the proper dreidel just play with a six sided die where each number corresponds to one of the actions. This game works best if you have a few beers set aside specifically to fill the cup so that players don’t mix all their drinks into some gross swill.


The Toma Todo drinking game is pretty simple and always a great time. But depending how your luck goes it could end up being a lot of drinking so please make sure to drink responsibly. If you’re looking for more dice games you might want to check out our giant collection of dice drinking games!