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Tipsy Tower – Let the Shenanigans Begin

Tipsy Tower combines careful tower building with wacky drinking rules and mini-games. It’s basically a version of Jenga for people who like to party and have a good time.

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Pull blocks and place them atop the tower. Sounds easy enough. It gets a whole lot harder when you incorporate a bunch of wacky drinking rules. We recently had a chance to test out this game and give it our thoughts. But first let’s take a look at what Tipsy Tower is and how it plays.

How to Play Tipsy Tower?

Basically, if you know how to play Jenga you’ll know how to play Tipsy Tower but we’ll go over it anyway.

The objective of the game is to carefully remove a brick from the tower without knocking it down, and then placing it on the top. This uses standard Jenga rules like only using one hand and not pulling from the top three rows.

In addition, whenever you draw one of the blocks you have to do what it says on the block. These are generally split up into two categories; drinking and mini-games.

The drinking blocks are pretty self explanatory such as “take 2”, “take a shot” or “give 3”. Pull the block, take the required drinks, hang your head in shame, move on.

The mini-game blocks are where all the fun is at. These contain a number of popular drinking games like Categories, Waterfall, Never Have i Ever, and more. If you don’t know how to play these games don’t worry, they’re all printed on the outside of the Tipsy Tower box.

The game goes on until someone accidentally knocks over the tower and must pound back a drink as punishment.

Tipsy Tower Review

This is one of those rare games that delivers exactly what it promises; drunken tower building tom-foolery. There’s something almost too-perfect about a game that combines careful dexterity and getting slap-happy drunk.

The tower features a pretty good mix of drinking blocks and mini-game blocks. Which keeps things from getting stale. Although it’s one of those games you can really only play a few times until you’re too drunk to pull the blocks anymore. Which makes it a great game for a pre-game and get everyone sociable.

Another fun aspect is that a lot of the rules come with a “hard mode” and a “drunk mode” so you can choose just how intense you want your night to be. Overall Tipsy Tower is a welcome addition to any party or get-together. A good way to get people laughing and enjoying themselves.