Tiger Has Come Rules!

The tiger has come!

Much like other Russian games such as Bear Paw, this is less of a game and more of a way to get blackout drunk in a hurry. As one would expect it mostly involves downing a bottle of vodka and waking up the next morning with a killer hangover. Tiger Has Come is a fairly common game and works with any number of people, but more people means more vodka so make sure you come prepared.

The objective of this game isn’t to win, but simply to stay coherent enough to get out from under a table. Which is a bit easier than it sounds until you find out just how much you’ll need to be drinking.

What You’ll Need

Copious amounts of vodka and a big enough table that everyone playing can fit under.

Tiger Has Come Rules!

To start the game everyone should come with some cash to pitch in for the vodka. Then once all the vodka for the day is purchased place it on the center of the table and have everyone sit around it.

Then players choose a leader. The leader is a bit lucky in that they only have to drink every second round so that they can stay sober enough to keep the game going.

Each round all the players put a bit of money into the central pot. Then everyone takes a shot of vodka and the leader yells “The Tiger has Come!”. Once that happens everyone must get under the table as quick as they can.

Rounds continue just as that one did until players give up by either forfeiting or passing out under the table. They concede the game as well as any money they tossed into the pot. The winner is the last player able to play the game they claim the glory and the money.


Now it goes without saying, but i’m going to say it anyway. If you choose to play this game please exercise extreme caution and drink responsibly. Over consumption of alcohol can become very serious very quickly.