Thunderstruck Drinking Game

The Thunderstruck Drinking Game is a great party starter. What could be a better way to get things moving then downing a few beers listening to this AC/DC classic?

Basically what this game entails is players chugging beers after the word “Thunder” is mentioned in the song, and they can’t stop until it’s mentioned again.

What You’ll Need

Some loud ass speakers, the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC (found on their 1990 album Razor’s Edge), and 2 beers per player.

After everything is set up players should be sitting in a circle or around a table. Preferably centered around the music. Then choose a starting player.

Thunderstruck Drinking Game Rules

Start the song. Once the word “Thunder” appears in the song the first player must start chugging. They cannot stop until “Thunder” is sung again and then the next player clockwise starts chugging. So basically during the course of this song someone should always be downing a drink.


During the course of this game you can expect to at least finish a beer, maybe two. The song itself is just under 5 minutes long so the thunderstruck drinking game will have players feelin’ it pretty quickly. As always though please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.