The Ultimate Bocce Ball Drinking Game

Ever stand around lazily tossing bocce balls and think to yourself “this would be way funner if i was slammered.”? Well we’ve come up with a solution for just such an occasion. Our Bocce Ball drinking game adds some fun and simple drinking rules to bocce to make sure everyone has a good time.

What You’ll Need For This Game

First and foremost you’re going to need a bocce set. Which typically contains 8 bocce balls and a jack (the little white one). Then grab a cooler with some ice and load it up with drinks. This game can be played with any amount of players as long as teams are even.

The Ultimate Bocce Ball Drinking Game Rules

If anyone needs a refresher here’s a quick rundown of how a typical game of bocce is played. If you already know all this just skip on down to our drinking rules.

The objective of the game is to score points by getting your balls closest to the jack. Every frame whoever was closest scores 1 point, if they have BOTH closest balls they score 2. The winner of each frame gets to toss the jack for the next turn. First player (or team) to reach 12 points wins the game and the others are all disgraceful losers.

Drinking Rules

  1. Each frame if your team doesn’t score any points take a sip.
  2. If at the end of a frame your ball was the furthest from the jack take an extra sip.
  3. If someone scores 2 points on the same frame they can choose another team to take 5 sips.
  4. At the end of the game everyone but the winner must drink the difference between their score and the winning teams score.
  5. If your team gets skunked (lose with less than 8 points) then you and your team mates must get on one knee and finish your drinks.
  6. If your team gets double skunked (lose with less than 4 points) then you and your shitty team members must each get on 1 knee and shotgun a full drink.

This bocce drinking game is a great way to turn a rather simple game into a hilarious party. If you’re looking for added adventure then try playing on some urban terrain instead of just a flat surface.