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The Ultimate Bill Burr Drinking Game

For the uninitiated Bill Burr is an american comedian known for his vulgar truths. With countless tales about drinking and always riddled with swears it’s easy to see why watching one of his standup specials makes for a great drinking game. Or even if you just wanted to pop on any uncensored interview of his that would work too.

What You’ll Need To Play The Game

All you really need is a drink (or several). Then just hunker down to your favorite of Bill’s standup specials, interviews or podcasts and drink whenever any of the following rules come up. We suggest trying it out with an episode of his Monday Morning podcast.

The Ultimate Bill Burr Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • He pulls away from the mic and yells to the side
  • He takes the lords name in vain
  • He mentions drinking in his routine
  • He drops a hard C
  • He tells a joke that draws just as many gasps as it does laughs
  • He references a sports team or athlete

Take another sip whenever he says any of these words or phrases

  • “You know”
  • “Right?!”
  • “Evidently”
  • “Un Fucking Believable”
  • “Laaady”
  • “go fuck yourself”

Intense Mode

If you want to get really messed up then just ignore every other one of these rules and drink whenever he swears. If for some reason this isn’t enough for your dumb ass then try it with his infamous Philli incident. You’ll regret it in no-time.


The Bill Burr drinking game is all in good fun but in all seriousness please drink responsibly. There’s no reason to go overboard and end up with alcohol poisoning or worse so if you think you’ve had enough to drink take a break. If you liked this game you might want to check out our Conan drinking game. Cheers!