The Shining Drinking Game

This Shining drinking game is for the classic 1980 Stanley Kubrick movie based off the Steven King novel of the same name. For those that have never seen the movie or read the book we’ll try to not have too many spoilers in here but some of the drinking rules include some key events in the film so watch out.

This drinking game will work with any number of people so just grab a few drinks and hunker down to this classic eerie horror movie.

What You’ll Need

For this game you just need a copy of the classic movie and some drinks. If you want to go all out we suggest grabbing a glass or two of Red Rum.

The Shining Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever

  • Danny Torence talks to his imaginary friend
  • The bartender serves a drink
  • Jack has an outburst and yells at wendy/jack
  • Anyone says “Redrum” or you notice it written somewhere
  • There’s a hallucination of someone who used to live in the hotel
  • Jack is seen writing on his type writer
  • Someone tries to use the radio for communication
  • Someone is seen running in the film
  • You notice a sun metaphor (These can be tricky by they’re all over the movie.)

Finish your drink whenever someone dies in the movie


We’re not going to lie. This The Shining drinking game is pretty heavy. A lot of these rules come up a lot so please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly. Wouldn’t want you going on an insane murderous rampage now would we?