The Reddit Drinking Game

The Reddit drinking game is a game for all you redditors looking for for an excuse to down a few drinks while browsing the trending stories of the day. Basically what it entails is opening up the front page of r/all and drinking whenever certain things come up. There’s also some added games for specific subreddits if you wanted to hone in on the tropes of a specific community.

How To Play

Just open up a reddit tab and get a drink ready. If you choose to play with multiple players just switch off for every time you load up more posts. This game works best if by using the r/all tab but feel free to use a customized front page as well. There’s some sub specific rules too so you could head to any of the subs on that list and just play with the rule for that subreddit.

Take a drink whenever any of these posts come up

  • A gif of a cat/dog
  • A nsfw post appears (you might need a logged in account to see these)
  • You see a post that you’ve seen before (with the exact same title and everything)
  • A meme or gif is watermarked from some shitty facebook page
  • A twitter post

Sub Specific Drinking Rules

  • You don’t understand how a post on r/funny is funny at all
  • r/prequelmemes is taking shots at other meme subreddits
  • There’s a sob story on r/pics
  • r/gaming shows a picture of a big titty cosplayer
  • Trump is mentioned in the title of a post in r/worldnews, r/politics, or r/news
  • r/me_irl says something real depressing
  • r/2me_irl4me_irl says something downright suicidal
  • r/dankmemes shows a meme that is unquestionably non-dank
  • r/ATBGE shows something that you think is great taste
  • r/OldSchoolCool is just someone’s hot mom
  • r/facepalm doesn’t understand satire



If you can think of any other subreddits that have their own tropes just let me know at and I’ll be sure to add them to the list. Hopefully the Reddit Drinking Game can continue to grow until it’s jam packed with so many rules that it’s nearly unplayable. Always remember to keep it a game and please drink responsibly.