The Price is Right Drinking Game Rules

The price Is Right drinking game rules by

Looking to enjoy some classic daytime television with a beer in hand? These handy Price is Right drinking game rules are a great way to kick it up a notch.

Whether you’re a fan of classic episodes with Bob Barker or some of the newer ones featuring Drew Carey, this drinking game should work either way. So grab a seat on the couch, crack a few drinks with friends, and let the good times roll.

What You’ll Need to Play This Game

For this game you’ll need a hefty supply of beverages and an episode or two of the show. Currently it’s available to watch on CBS, or older episodes are available for streaming across various streaming platforms. This game works with any number of people.

The Price is Right Drinking Game Rules

  • If the host says the contestants name, drink once.
  • If a contestant overbids on the price of an item, drink once.
  • Whenever a contestant is called up with a custom Price is Right shirt, drink twice
  • If the contestant gives a shout-out to other people in the audience, drink twice
  • If a showcase is revealed and the contestant looks visibly dissapointed, drink three times
  • If someone bids exactly 1 higher than someone else like a total jerk, drink three times.
  • If a contestant fails as spinning the wheel all the way around, drink three times
  • If the wheel lands on 100, finish your drink or take a shot
  • If a contestant actually wins a car or a trip, finish your drink or take a shot
  • If Bob reminds viewers to spay or neuter their pets, finish what’s left of your drink

This Price is Right drinking game is a great way to kick back and have a good time. However, like any drinking game, always mind your limits and take a break if you think you need one.