The Pewdiepie Drinking Game (YOU LAUGH, YOU DRINK!)

The Pewdiepie Drinking Game -

This game is for the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie. He is one of, if not the, most popular figures among Youtube video gamers. The Pewdiepie drinking game should work with any of his popular Youtube segments. For best results we suggest trying it out with one you haven’t watched yet. But since his channel has a buttload of videos it should be pretty easy to find one you haven’t seen.


How To Play

Simply go on Pewdiepie’s channel on youtube and click on whatever content peaks your interest most. Then get those drinks ready.

Pewdiepie Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever Pewdiepie

  • Swears
    • Drink twice if he flips off the camera
  • Mentions a fan by name or username
  • Uses a Swedish word (If it’s also a Swedish swear word that’d be 2 drinks)
  • Reminds you that his channel is family friendly, or a Christian channel.
  • Makes a reference to ‘the old Pewdiepie’ or his old videos.
  • References his show, Scare Pewdiepie, being cancelled.
  • Takes a jab at any of the following media outlets: The Wallstreet Journal, Kotaku, or Polygon.
  • References Logan Paul or Jake Paul, and take an extra sip if it’s to compare the way the media treated them vs him.
  • Criticizes the way that Youtube is operated.
  • Uses special effects in his video editing.
  • Does a high-pitched voice to mock somebody who is complaining about something.

Also drink whenever you laugh while watching one of his “You laugh, you lose” videos.

Finish your drink whenever Marzia shows up in a video.


There you have it, Our Pewdiepie drinking game. It should be a pretty hefty amount of drinking depending on the segment you’re watching at what kind of mood he is in. Some days he just feels like unloading an arsenal of Swedish swears. So Please make sure to drink responsibly.