The League Drinking Game

The League Drinking Game Rules by

These drinking rules are for the hit FX comedy show The League. The series follows a group of friends in Chicago as they do everything possible to win in their fantasy league. So grab a few beers and some close friends have some laughs.

The League drinking game adds a bunch of fun drinking rules for things that come up constantly during the show like everyone ripping on Andre or Taco coming up with wild business ideas.

What You’ll Need to Play

This drinking game is simple. All you’ll need is some drinks and to follow these easy drinking rules. This game works with any number of players and during any season of the show. All episodes can currently be streamed on Hulu.

The League Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever

  • Anyone mentions the “Shiva”
  • Anyone is seen wearing an NFL jersey
  • Anyone on the show cracks a beer open
  • Any NFL player is namedropped
  • Anyone makes fun of Andre (Drink another time if Andre doesn’t even realize he’s being insulted)

Take three drinks whenever

  • Ruxin says “Forever unclean”
  • Taco sings a song for the group
  • An NFL player makes a guest appearance
  • The players organize a draft
  • Anyone uses the term “eskimo brother”
  • Taco pitches a new business idea

Finish your drink whenever someone actually wins the Shiva-bowl

As far as drinking rules go, The League drinking game can get pretty intense so make sure to have some water nearby if you need a break.