The Hawaii 5-0 Drinking Game

Hawaii 5-0 drinking game

This Hawaii 5-0 drinking game is a recent user submission.

Setting It Up

At the start of the game everyone needs to pick one of the main characters. If there’s a lot of players, people can choose the same characters more than once. Then you’ll just need a few drinks and to queue up a few episodes of the show.

Hawaii 5-0 Drinking Game Rules

At the start go around the table and everyone picks one of the main characters from the show. (no secondary characters, just characters that appear often).

Drinking Rules

  • A car does a burn-out or screeches it’s tires at all
  • There’s a panoramic shot of the sea for some reason
  • If at the end of the episode if the line “book em dano” is said, everyone drinks half their drink.
  • If the line “Book em dano, murder one” is said everyone must finish their entire drink.

This Hawaii 5-0 drinking game is pretty heavy, even if there aren’t too many rules. So make sure to drink responsibly.