Get Irresponsibly Drunk With Our The Hangover Drinking Game

As far as movies to enjoy a few drinks to very few are as suited as the 2013 classic The Hangover. Which is why we decided to create The Hangover drinking game so you can keep up with the Wolfpack.

This movie is about a crazy bachelor party that left a group of people with absolutely no clue what happened the night before. 2 days before his own wedding Doug goes missing and his closest friends need to slowly piece together how they got so messed up and where they left their friend. This drinking game is pretty simple, just follow the drinking rules and drink whenever they come up.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re need is a copy of this classic comedy and some drinks. This works with any number of participants.

The Hangover Drinking Game Rules

  • Anyone is seen taking a shot
  • Anyone says “chao”
  • Carlos cries
  • Anyone mentions the word “Wolfpack”
  • Alan opens up and reads from his travel book
  • You spot Stu’s missing tooth
  • Anyone says “I don’t remember”
  • Alan uses a made-up replacement swear word
  • You see Tyson’s Tiger

Bonus Rule: Whenever a well known Vegas location comes up whoever names it first gets to assign a drink to someone else. (Only once per location).


With that first rule alone you might be in for quite a lot of drinking. So make sure to take a breather if you think you need one. If you liked this you might want to check out some more of our great movie drinking games.