The Golf Ball Drinking Game

Lonely Golf Ball

The Golf Ball Drinking Game is the kind of game that works best a party where everyone is drinking out of plastic cups or something like that. Since a golf ball doesn’t really fit comfortably in a can or bottle. The idea is that there is one golf ball at a party or outing and if you ever find it in your drink you must finish your drink, but then you have the ball to sneak into someone else’s cup.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is a golf ball and a group of people who are drinking. To prevent cheating it’s best to mark the golf ball in some way like putting a smiley face on it. Make sure to wash it before the party as well.

Golf Ball Drinking Game Rules

At the start of a party when most of the guests arrive someone needs to explain how the game works to everyone. If you find the ball in your cup, chug your cup, then you can hide the ball in someone else’s cup. Easy enough.

People need to decide who’s starting off with the ball. Once that’s decided it’s game on.

Whoever has the ball must keep it hidden at all times. If anyone can spot the ball before it’s plunged into someone’s drink they can yell “Golf ball!” and point to it. If this happens the person with the golf ball must finish their own drink.

This game goes on all night. Anytime you find a ball in your cup you down it and then it’s your job to do the same to someone else.


The Golf Ball drinking game is a great addition to a party that will ensure people get a good buzz on. Just make sure everyone knows that the game is happening.