The Dreidel Drinking Game to Kickstart Hanukkah

The Dreidel drinking game is a great and simple way to have a few drinks with friends.

What You’ll Need To Play

A dreidel, 10 tokens per player (can be anything) and some drinks.

How To Spin the Dreidel

If you already know how the Dreidel game works and are just looking for the drinking rules sections go ahead and skip this part.

The object of the game is simple. Be the last one with tokens. Everyone starts the game with 10 tokens. (these can be anything from pennies to poker chips, doesn’t matter). To kick the game off everyone puts 1 token into the pot.

Players take turns spinning it and depending what it lands on is what they have to do.

  1. Nun or Nes means nothing. Nothing happens.
  2. Gimel or Gadol means everything. Take every token in the pot.
  3. Hey or Haya means half. Take half the pot rounded up.
  4. Shin or Sham means put in. Put a token into the pot.

Whenever the pot is empty each player must put 1 more token into the pot. When one player has all the tokens he/she wins! If someone is out of tokens they may no longer spin the dreidel but they may ask another player for a loan to get back into the game.

Dreidel Drinking Game Rules

Now that you know how to play these Dreidel drinking rules should be pretty easy to follow.

  • Whenever you get Hey, assign someone else to take a drink of their drink.
  • Whenever you get Gimel, assign someone else to take 2 drinks from their drink.
  • If you get Shin you must take a drink of your own drink.
  • If you get get the same letter 3 spins in a row you must finish your drink.
  • In order to get back into the game and take a loan from another player you must drink for each token received.
  • When someone wins the game each losing player must cheers and take a sip to their glory.