The Christmas Song Drinking Game for the Holidays

It’s the season to hear the same 8 corny Christmas songs on repeat across every radio station and grocery store speaker across the nation. This Christmas Song drinking game adds some simple drinking rules so that these repetitive jingles don’t drive you mad.

This drinking game is perfect for passing the time at the next family dinner (Even if that has to be over a zoom call this year). So grab a glass of holiday cheer and play along!

What You’ll Need To Play

For this all you’ll need is a steady stream of Christmas jingles (shouldn’t be too hard to find this time of year) and some of your favorite holiday beverages. All you need to do from there is read out these drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. We’d suggest not playing this game with eggnog unless you’re willing to spend this holiday season hunched around the toilet. This game works with any number of players so grab some pals and get merry.

How to Play the Christmas Song Drinking Game

Take a Small Sip of Your Drink Whenever You Hear…

  • Merry Christmas
  • Jesus
  • Love
  • Baby
  • Jolly
  • Stocking

Take Two Sips Whenever You Hear These Full Phrases…

  • Time of the Year
  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  • Jingle Bells
  • Happy New Year
  • Santa Clause
  • Christmas Tree

Drink Three Times Whenever…

  • There’s an inexplicable rap verse
  • Your least favorite Christmas song comes on
  • Someone starts to sing along with one of the songs
  • A song comes on that has already played that night

This Christmas Song drinking game is a great way to add a little Christmas cheer to the holidays. As with any drinking game always make sure to take it in moderation, nobody wants to be “that guy” during Christmas. So arrange a safe ride home and enjoy the festivities.