The Bob Newhart Show Drinking Game (Hi, Bob)

As far as drinking games based around watching TV programs goes this has to be one of the oldest ones out there. This Bob Newhard Show drinking game (known as Hi, Bob) was popular during the shows run in the 70s.

How To Play Hi, Bob!

The game itself has one simple rule. Just watch any given episode of the Bob Newhart Show and take a sip of your tasty adult beverage whenever someone says “Hi, Bob”.

You’d think this wouldn’t come up all too often but whenever a new characters enters the show they almost certainly utter the phrase. Typically the game requires people to take a shot of alcohol each time this happens, but it’s up to the people playing how much they want to drink.

The History of The Game

As far as we’re aware this is the first popular drinking game based around watching a TV show. Gaining most of it’s traction with university students shortly after the show stopped airing new episodes (around the 1980s).

Playing this Bob Newhart Show drinking game actually became so popular that it prompted a response from some of the cast members. Even Bob himself mentioned that the drinking game could be responsible for some of the popularity of the show.