The Bas Rutten Self Defense Drinking Game

For those that have never seen it Bas Rutten, former mixed martial artist, has a line of self defense videos. They go from practical to borderline murder very quickly. Through a series of groin kicks and eye gauging you’ll learn how to end a bar fight in a way that nobody will ever forget. The Bas Rutten drinking game involves watching his Self Defense course, either the full 60 minute version or the abridged version.

What You’ll Need

Choose which version you want.

Full (60 mins):

Abridged (6.5 minutes):

Then grab a good amount of drinks and follow these easy drinking rules.

Be wary, the abridged version has most of the ridiculous moments so you’ll end up with a similar amount of drinking as the full version but within a shorter time frame.

The Bas Rutten Self Defense Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever…

  • Bas rutten makes a “BANG” “BONG” or “BOOM” noise.
  • Bas mentions stabbing someone.
  • Bas shows how to kick someone in the groin or balls.
  • Someone taps out.
  • Bas grabs an item and shows you how to hurt someone with it.
  • Bas mentions breaking someones bone

Take a big swig whenever…

Bas is clearly advocating for murder. Such as “Stab him right through the eye”, “Slit his throat, it’s over” , “He tried to kill me so i got to return the favor” etc…


As hilarious as the Bas Rutten Self Defense drinking game is be careful. With all the “BANG” noises and stabbings there’s a whole lot of drinking whenever. Please make sure to mind your limits and drink responsibly. This game is better played at the start of the night than the end of it.