The Unofficial Taylor Swift Drinking Game

The Taylor Swift Drinking Game by The Chuggernauts

The Unofficial (please don’t copywrite strike me) Taylor Swift drinking game is a game that can be played to any T-Swift song, album or compilation. Given how much she runs with the same themes of bitter love stories most of the drinking rules should come into play fairly often. We also made a small list of drinking games to specific songs like “Shake it Off” and “Lovestory”.

What You’ll Need To Play

Put on your favorite T-Swizzle album or compilation then just grab a few drinks and follow these easy drinking rules. Or just throw her name onto YouTube and let fate decide what you’re about to listen to.

Taylor Swift Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever the following happens

  • She directly blames an Ex for something
  • The word “Love” is used
  • You hear anything from her growing list of ridiculous phrase trademarks (list can be found here)
  • She uses the word “Like” or ” ’cause”

Drinking Games For Specific Songs

Shake It Off

  • Drink whenever the word “Shake” is sung. (This actually happens 78 times in a short time-frame so only attempt this if you’re actually insane)

Love Story

  • Drink whenever she says “You” (This appears 16 times but much more if you include words like “you’re” or “you’ll”)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Drink whenever she says the word “Ever” (These come in clusters so keep those drinks close by)


  • You guessed it. Drink whenever the number 22 is mentioned.

If you can think of any other Taylor swift song drinking games feel free to let us know or follow or drunken shenanigans on instagram @the_Chuggernauts. As always make sure to keep your drinking in moderation and take a break if you feel like you’ve had enough. Cheers!